And the LORD Said, Don’t Prejudge a Thing

Introduction to Ethics was a seminary unit of study foundational for a theology for morality, proving how complex the wisdom of ethics is.

Recently I was given update training about the ethics of life in the only way life can teach us; through raw lived experience.

Something piqued my awareness that something suspicious was going on. Righteous anger welled up within me, and I decided to take matters further. I consulted with my wife. Given the information I supplied, she was equally alarmed. We had to respond to this. Not an injustice done to us, but an injustice of systemic proportions where others affected, dozens of them, were potentially taken advantage of.

Ethics is about justice, and justice is about fairness, and fairness is about equity. Semantics, perhaps. But ethics is about people and a virtue ethic is about the fruit of the Spirit as it is shared in relationships. Obviously, the opposite is what I was concerned about – we were – the appetence of greed morphing into abuse. We were about to make a drastic decision.

Oh the folly of prejudging a situation!

How good is God to show us, me no less, within two hours, three separate and salient situations that would turn my perception, in gaining God’s perspective, on its head. From insidiousness to inspirational… in a matter of hours.

All because I had briefly misunderstood and misread a business model. That’s understandable. I wasn’t the author of it. I was just one of the stakeholders with my own skinny vantage point.

We see very little from a limited vantage point. And this is what ethics teaches us: we can only judge when we have the full picture. And rarely do we, ever, have that. Any response of judgment prior is a banking on folly. So many of us, so much of the time, have very little through which to see, and the moment we prejudge a situation we close our minds off to the truth that might otherwise break through the night experience that God wishes to turn into day for us. To look into a mirror with clarity when we would otherwise, without Him, look into that glass dimly.

The Author of the ethics of life is the Author of the wisdom of life, and these two are one and the same; they’re, like God, inscrutable, as life itself is enigmatic.

From the matter of understanding comes wisdom, and that because of one thing: right perspective. Upon which a true ethic can be gleaned.

Judge a thing prematurely and we can expect to get it wrong. Wait. Can you hear Him? He will speak when it’s time.

Ethics teaches us to wait on the truth, for the truth tarries, and the right remains behind the scenes for the proper time to be revealed.

Ethics in the Kingdom of God is wisdom for life for the discerning and doing of virtue.

Ethics is the provision of wisdom that saves us from the prejudging responses of folly.

I am so grateful to God, that, in this instance, He showed me what He had revealed for me to see. My prejudging of a situation was foolish. He came through with His wisdom, and everyone prospered, not least, me.

Only God can turn a person’s perspective so effectively.

The Power Of Social Media – Winter Is Coming For The Oppressors of Injustice

The power of social media should not be discounted in the fight for justice on the planet. This article is dedicated to those people anywhere who are battling the odds for their fight for justice.

It seems that gone are the days when the CEO’s of multi-million-dollar company actually seem to have any power to change the way their companies operate, some continue to flaunt consumer laws in the faces of those poor souls who have been wrongfully done by in the name of protecting their ‘bottom line’.

Toothless Tigers

These toothless tigers need to re-join the real world and go back to basics and actually read consumer law practices in their countries and understand the implications of their inaction, that is the reason that these protection agencies exist. They exist to remind these individuals about the basics of right and wrong and good and evil which these giants have failed (or refuse) to take into consideration). Perhaps they need to consider the power of social media.

David & Goliath

Perhaps they think that David and Goliath is a myth and perhaps they are right, but the fact remains that the power of the many will still eventually overcome their antiquated methods.


These days of course we do not use bombs or planes to defeat these tyrants because they hold no smoking gun, they are behind the scenes, it is ‘not them’ that actually cause this injustice, it is one of their minions who remain faceless and untouchable and they can easily use the phrase ‘but it’s company policy’ or ‘our system doesn’t allow for that!

Why don’t they just tell the truth for once ‘I’m not going to fix your problem because as long as I am in my ivory tower, you don’t matter and you can’t touch me’.


Some people may be experiencing a problem with the quality of some of today’s technology, different types of tablets,computers and mobile phones are being mass produced at such an alarming rate that there will have to be a certain amount that will have faults or be sub-standard. If is your right as a consumer of these product to have it replaced by something that actually works as it is intended.

An even the great Steve Jobs agrees with me when he said ‘Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected’

The Power

These days the power of the people lies in the massive power of social media and organizations like who are now a focal point for the davids of the world to communicate any injustice (large or small) to the 7 billion people on the planet within milliseconds. There are also many other websites where you can voice your opinion. Power to the People!

Your Feet

Of course the first way to let these giants start to understand is to ‘vote with your feet’, do not use their products any more and tell all of your friends about it also. Some statics suggest that for every bad experience we have, we will tell at least ten other people about it and so this has a tendency for the viral effect also.

Raise Funds

If you really do need some money to help you fund your cause, you may like to consider crowdfunding. This is where you take a proposition and go public with it on a crowdfunding website in order to generate funds from the public to help your cause.

So always look on the bright side and use the power of social media to help your just cause.

Let Me Remind You Students That You Are Victims Of Rich White Men

White Men are the oppressors we are told by Social Justice Warriors – but as a white male, I am not out to oppress anyone. Now if you want to play victim and use that as an excuse – go for it – doesn’t bother me much – but if you want to accuse me of something that is false, I am going to call you out on it. Hence, this here article – oh, and keep reading because, I’ve been listening to the Social Justice Warrior BS for long enough – and to me it’s all nonsense and just an excuse for not succeeding.

Who said life was supposed to be easy, it wasn’t for me, not in sports, business, politics or in my non-profit endeavors, heck back when I was in school, that wasn’t easy either, and no one was giving away trophies, certificates or free Pop Tarts and Kool-Aide for mere participation. I suppose now they want free $5.95 Frappachinos with Carmel Drizzle on top.

We have a serious problem brewing in our society and it is getting out of control, we now have college and university professors lecturing on equality, sustainability, social justice, racism and yes, White Privilege. These same professors say that President Donald Trump is a rich white man and an example of the problems in America, I guess this time around they were interested in having a white woman president, since the last Black Male President fell short, even as his supporters and academic socialist apologetics attempted to secure his legacy.

If the professors in our colleges and universities are 90-95% democrat and continue to espouse leftist and socialist political viewpoints, then they are politically bias and working for the Democrat Party. Thus, they are akin to a Super PAC and therefore, shouldn’t receive any public funding, nor should the taxpayer’s bailout the delinquent student loans – 47% currently are over 90-days in default, they are delinquent and in the finance sector should be sent to collection and students should be brought to court. These loans should not be bailed out by you and I, the citizens and taxpayers.

Why should we be paying for these professors? The Democrat Party spent nearly $2 Billion between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, George Soros, and their Super PACs – so why not pay all the professors to continue brain-washing college students to vote for Democrats – why are we the taxpayer’s subsidizing their cushy jobs, incredible benefits and pensions, and now we are expected to bailout the student college tuition loan crisis? I just don’t see why we should?

Good Versus Evil and the Serial Killer – Psycological Discussion

What makes people become serial killers? Are people predispositioned to be evil people? Does a hard childhood help create the breeding ground for someone later to become a cold stone killer? Do serial killers feel remorse? Are killers redeemable? Wow, those are some hardcore questions aren’t they? Well, our think tank decided to take up the subject and try to find a solution. No, we didn’t find the solution, but we found that there are others who’ve spent their lives studying these things and are making some pretty decent headway on the subject. Let’s talk.

The questions above are real questions that we pondered. Yes, serial killers are fascinating, and then in some ways not. I’ve enjoyed reading up on those who hunt serial killers, and find it interesting too. Yes, Good VS. Evil is an interesting topic, one thing I find interesting as a non-religious person is how easy it is for someone to justify their actions because they are a ‘good person’ according to their faith, or that they’ve been forgiven for their deeds by their god.

That to me is somewhat problematic, worse those folks who have to pray 5-times a day to remind themselves to be good, ouch, and I don’t mean to say anything which might be construed as Islamaphobic, because I know that is a no-no, but, I find it all pretty unfortunate. Sharia Law for instance; stoning, honor killing, and what have you. Of course, I don’t for a minute forget the Salem With Trials, as my own ancestry was involved on both sides of that – witches and punishers.

Indeed, I wonder if cults, religion and such cause more damage to an otherwise healthy mind than they actually help aligning and organizing society in a positive way. And my ancestors at the Salem Witch Trials is one such example of the challenges of self-righteousness in the mind; “I am right, they are wrong, they are evil, I am good,” motif. No, not all serial killers ended up that way due to religion, but many mass killings had those components clouding judgment, dare to compare?

In studying such things I enjoyed watching all the YouTube Videos of detectives from the FBI chasing down serial killers and John Douglas book “Mind Hunter” as it was quite intriguing. I guess many people like detective novels. Perhaps everyone has some interest in this venue. Good guys, bad guys, justice, justification, rationalization and revenge – humans? Gotta love em’.

Not long ago, in researching this topic I ran across Professor Gwen Adshead if Gresham College in England, in one of her podcasts “The Criminal Mind: The Relationship Between Criminology and Psychology” she explains who often killers have compartmentalized what they’ve done and avoid thinking of themselves as the killer, thus they avoid remorse all together.

The scariest of all of this is that someone whom you know has the capacity to be a serial killer, someone you went to school with, works at the same company as you or lives in your neighborhood. What’s the funny line we always here when reporters ask about a neighbor that turned out to be a serial killer? “He seemed like such a nice guy.” Think on this.