Academic Liberal Professors Are Worried About Their Social Warrior Justice Progress

Is the political career of the social justice warrior dead? Are they needed anymore? With all the so-called progress they’ve made you’d think they’d want to take a victory lap – and yet, just as they were preparing to do that, and take it one step further, their movement was caught short by a larger wave – a Tsunami and Rogue Wave of common sense. Still, the buzz words of equality, sustainability, social justice are still alive and well at our academic institutions and they are not going to give up without a fight. Many are banding together in solidarity to show their groupthink ideals by way of protest and propaganda.

Not long ago, I read an Open Letter from a University Professor to the faculty and staff of his institution noting that President-Elect Trump had “expressed and espoused points of view and political positions that are objectively racist, misogynist, bigoted, anti-intellectual, and anti-science.”

However, I dare to ask; is this really true?

Regarding this list which was written/borrowed: “racist, misogynist, bigoted, anti-intellectual, and anti-science” – I actually disagree with all of those charges on Donald Trump’s character and the ideals of the potential members of his stated cabinet and inner circle appointments. I believe if one looks closely those charges against the character of these men and women and President-Elect Trump are nothing more than the hateful political rhetoric of the Clinton Campaign, CNN, Rachel Maddow, etc.

On the issue of “anti-science” – actually that isn’t so either. With regards to Trump’s comments on Global Warming (mankind’s CO2 — a trace gas — causing catastrophic warming), an unproven theory with no concrete ‘smoking gun’ on causality of CO2 and long-term climate temperature trajectories during this current 10,000 warming trend which has allowed humans to expand their populations to 7.7 Billion globally – Donald Trump’s position is one of skepticism, and the idea that 97% of climate scientists can deem the theory correct by consensus isn’t science anyway, nor is the IPCC a scientific organization – it is a political one.

With regards to Stem Cell research backtracking, these comments in Scientific American and other places are conjecture as to the Trump Administration’s policies. It seems the academics are oh so worried that their world view, careers and lives are about to be ruined by the new Trump Administration. It’s too bad that academia is peddling fear in order to ensure their pensions are fully funded, that tuition fees remain high, and that academic research funding continues to pour in. Personally, maybe ‘we the people’ need to rethink group-academic-think. Consider this.